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Crosley’s was conceived as the neighbourhood restaurant from any place in time. We are dedicated to providing you with an environment rooted in nostalgia and familiarity.

Originally from Vancouver, BC, Chef Joachim (Joe) Hayward earned his culinary stripes in Sydney, Bristol, and London UK, before setting roots at (the now closed) Brothers Food and Wine in Toronto. It was during his tenure as Head Chef at Brothers where he met Myles.

Myles Harrison was raised in the forests of steelhead B.C. He transplanted to Montreal at the age of 18 and started working in restaurants as a cook. Myles moved to Toronto in 2015 and has been focusing on wine and fermentation.

Jo & Myles partnered with J.P. Adamo & Laura Adamo on Crosley’s, who combine their many years in hospitality to provide a comfortable, personalized approach to dining. J.P. and Laura Adamo are also the owners of another local neighbourhood favourite, Bar Piquette.

214 Ossington Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
M6J 2Z9


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